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Okay, so it's not really a new thing. But I'm starting to put more emphasis on making my little client services business a "real" business. Something about losing client work will motivate you, eh? No worries, all is well, just trying to get ahead of this and use the available time to help some more folks.

The Pitch permalink

I'm building out the marketing site over at Essentially, my pitch is:

Your idea. From zero to launch.

By that, I mean that I'll take clients from zero to off-the-ground ASAP. Of course that's a good thought, but you may ask...

  • Isn't that how most folks work? Ideally yes, but hiring a large agency or what-have-you is going to mean lots of overhead and upfront costs to get anything started.
  • Yeah, but can you really do it all? Not really. I mean, sure I'm trying to sell myself to you here, but honestly I'm not a master of all trades (just a jack). What I do is apply my research skillz in a way that I can pick the right toolsets and build on prior art where possible to get you from zero to one... million...

Why me? permalink

Alright, time to get really uncomfortable... I don't usually toot my own horn and all that, but moving ahead in any bit of work requires some of it, I suppose. So here goes...

1. My über-diverse background permalink

Starting with this one because it really does help when getting started. Allow me to explain. New projects inherently need to pull from broad experience to get up and running. At a bare minimum for most software projects, you'll need some considerations spanning frontend, backend, databases, and deployment.

And my background? In terms of tech, I've touched a good bit of what folks would call the "stack":

Degree in electrical engineering

No, I don't think this applies to (most) software projects. But it does mean I spent time learning the lowest of the low-level stuff in school and some early jobs about how computers and systems work.

Worked in Digital Hardware (FPGAs)

FPGAs are a really cool piece of tech that I don't intend to code for much anymore. But the world of digital hardware involves building out the pieces of computer architecture required for computer and electronics systems to operate.

Worked in IoT (Internet of Things)

What's fun about IoT? Well, when you're building software for the "edge compute" responsible for making the whole system work, it means a little bit more than what your typical usage of "full stack" does. Building the Linux toolchain and kernel as part of deployment means touching lots of things your typical cloud dev pipeline don't even have to consider. On the other end, you still need a way to manage said device via (typically) a web portal, so you've got everything from Bash, Makefiles, C/C++, and JavaScript right there. Again, lots of fun if you're into that particular brand of torture.

Working on full stack web applications

The biggest driver for me in work these days is what most would call "full stack" web development. The explosion of tech in this space over the past 5-15 years is really a great playground for someone who likes to learn about new things.

As a software engineer, I've been in "lead" roles for the past 3 years. In that role, I like to do a few things:

  • provide technical vision to the team based on the product direction
  • mentor and teach younger engineers and help them level up
  • spread out beyond the "boundaries" of the team's responsibilities into DevOps, CI/CD, product/marketing, etc.
  • contribute to discussions about system architecture from the perspective of someone who's building it

2. My strengths permalink

My primary strengths are learning and relating. In the case of us-working-together, that means I like to jump in quickly while getting to know what you want to accomplish. Applying those strengths to my daily work looks like my ongoing reading and research into fun and new tech to help move things along as fast as possible (but not faster).

3. My product focus permalink

When it comes to building things, I've always been kind of a self-starter type. By that, I mean that I have always wanted to sit down and piece together a fully-functional system on my own where I can understand what it is and everything it does. That has led me to focus on honing a set of tools from which to build something of real value.

Wanna work together?! permalink

If you have a project or idea you want to get off the ground or even if you want help on an existing project, give me a call form submission here.