I’m currently available for contract/freelance work. Contact me if you’re interested in development work like…

  • Embedded device software application development
  • Web app development
  • General development work in…
    • JavaScript
    • Python
    • Elixir
    • C++

Or higher-level consulting on…

  • Innovation/technology exploration
  • Software product architecture review
  • Software process review

My Experience permalink

My current work is in connected products for IoT applications. This includes work on “edge” devices similar to a Raspberry Pi/BeagleBone running embedded Linux. I build back end applications and front end web-based applications (Single-page apps).

My primary back end language is Python, with experience in C++ as well. I build front end web applications in JavaScript, typically using React.js. I’m comfortable in Bash, and can reasonably handle building cross-compiled toolchains for embedded Linux environments (please don’t do this from scratch!).

My Values permalink

I value organizational health, a strong product vision, and consistent technical innovation (in that order). I believe that software is a product of the team that creates it, and that a healthy, happy, and engaged team is the backbone for delivering successful, innovative products.

The first few years of my career I spent in fairly cross-functional roles, gathering a broad set of skills and understanding. As I’ve narrowed my focus to software development, I’ve retained the broad perspective that got me here. That allows me to have a deeper understanding of how decisions made in code will translate and depend on the rest of the system, and even how it affects the business.

Projects and Interests permalink

Recent and current projects:

  • Web-based lighting gateway configuration application (front-end UI/web services application)
  • Micro-services architecture for an embedded Linux environment
  • Motion-tracking data streaming for healthcare applications

Some other technologies I’m exploring:

  • Elixir for concurrency-focused systems everything
  • ReasonML for multi-target applications
  • GatsbyJS for fast-by-default content sites
  • Eleventy for stuff like this blog :)