Ryan playing bass

Hey there, I’m Ryan. permalink

I live in a suburb of Atlanta, Georgia (Fayetteville, if you’re interested) with my wife and three boys. As two working parents (my wife’s a teacher) with a house full of boys, you could imagine that we stay pretty busy, but we love every minute of it.

Some History permalink

I believe in pursuing work that you enjoy. To that end, I spent several years chasing the dream of making a living as a full-time musician in a band. Given my current status as not-a-rockstar, you may see that didn’t exactly work out as planned (and you’d be right). However, I couldn’t call it a failure, as it earned me some great insight about the world. That experience has provided a terrific foundation for a lot of things I’ve done since then (not to mention the relationships and experiences!).

Through that and other endeavors, over the past several years I’ve been able to do a lot of cool things. I’ve produced and played music that’s been played on MTV, performed on live television, launched a couple websites, released an album and some singles as both artist and producer, produced videos for the web, and (best of all) worked with some incredible people.If you’re interested in working together, let’s talk (or feel free to learn more about my services).

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