Nothing to Say

— 2 minute read

For too long now, I feel like I've had nothing to say. But recently, I've felt the need to speak up. If not for myself, then for all those around me who don't have a voice (or at least don't feel like they do).

And then I'm thinking about my children. I want to show them what a life fully-lived looks like when it comes to loving the whole world and those in it the way Jesus does. I want to show them that living in genuine, Jesus-aligned community allows us to be engaged in real, honest dialog with the culture we exist within without the hateful, dismissive rhetoric we've been seeing for the last few years (or 100 years, or 2000 years for that matter).

My goal in wrestling with tough topics and having these conversations is not to "dismantle" anything or to stir up division. My goal is to broaden our understandings as we interact with the world around us and demonstrate to those around us that we can (and should) ask tough questions when faced with them.

At the end of the day, I'll say that I still believe in the local church. Jesus is King and the hope of this world, and his plan in carrying out that mission was and continues to be through local communities of imperfect but loving people.